What Do Developers And Influencers Think About The New SAP Mobile Developer Program? »

SAP has lowered formerly-forbidding barriers for mobile developers to build within its ecosystem. Here’s the announcement from Monday. It boils down to four things: 1) A free 30-day trial to SAP’s lauded mobile app development platform, SUP, and the market-leading SAP ERP application; 2) Access to the above software, including a downloadable SDK, via the Amazon Web […]

To Do Mobile Right, Every Company Needs these Three Things »

Kids these days. Did you know that more than half (55%) of twenty-somethings around the world think that Bring Your Own Device policies at work are a right, not a privilege?

The Average Mobile Worker Now Carries 3.5 Devices. What % Are Secured? »

It’s hard to impress me with statistics and factoids. I’m inundated by them all day, every day. But these new findings, courtesy of iPass’s latest Mobile Workforce Report, blew me away:

Analyst: Android has 35% of U.S. tablet market, will overtake iPad [Chart] »

That startling statistic and prediction comes courtesy of Javelin Strategy & Research of Pleasanton, California. A boutique research firm known for its bank technology coverage, Javelin published a paid report today on tablets and their impact on mobile consumer banking. I was able to read the report and interview the primary author, Javelin research director […]

SAP Influencer Summit Preview: the ‘Force Multiplier’ Effect on Mobile »

SuccessFactors will no doubt be the star of tomorrow’s SAP Influencer Summit. The future is always more fun to talk about. But if you want to hear about victories in the last 12 months, may I suggest that enterprise mobility is your topic?

How Many Kinds of Enterprise App Stores are There Today? »

Don’t be dismayed if you’re a little fuzzy on what exactly constitutes an ‘enterprise app store’. The market appears to be in a Rashomon-like state of disagreement, too.

How Angry Birds Boosts the ROI of Enterprise Mobility (and Spells the Doom of Ruggedized Devices) »

Games: a destroyer of productivity, an enabler for procrastinating employees, right? Not always. In fact, letting – nay, encouraging – your workers to install and play games like Angry Birds can actually boost your mobile deployment’s ROI.