Three Wildly Different Ways SAP Is Bring Mobile And Cloud Together »

Several months ago, I wrote about theĀ Four Ways SAP Is Embracing SoCloMo, i.e. the mashup of Social, Cloud and Mobile technology. Predictably, one of the ways involved our cloud HR acquisition, SuccessFactors. But there were three other excellent efforts that show just far SAP’s progressed beyond R/3. Today, I come to you with three more […]

Does IBM Have the Largest Apple Deployment in the World? »

Big Blue has 30,000 employees sporting iPhones, 10,000 toting iPads, and another 10,000 workers carrying MacBooks, according to a presentation last week at Macworld iWorld.

Is it Time to Occupy CIO? »

When the IT boss won’t invest in tools that empower workers and boost their productivity, is it time to raise your voice?

SAP CIO: iCloud and DropBox Not Secure Enough, We’ll Build Our Own »

Users love cloud storage services like DropBox and iCloud for their power and ease of use. IT managers hate them for the ginormous potential for data leakage and loss they create. But clamping down on them isn’t so straightforward.