What Do Developers And Influencers Think About The New SAP Mobile Developer Program? »

SAP has lowered formerly-forbidding barriers for mobile developers to build within its ecosystem. Here’s the announcement from Monday. It boils down to four things: 1) A free 30-day trial to SAP’s lauded mobile app development platform, SUP, and the market-leading SAP ERP application; 2) Access to the above software, including a downloadable SDK, via the Amazon Web […]

Can You Build Mobile Apps Faster, Cheaper AND Better? »

During a webinar earlier this month with Gartner analyst Ian Finley and SAP Solutions President Sanjay Poonen, someone asked the question: “Is it ever possible to build apps that combine speed of delivery, robustness AND great user experience?”

App for Cheating Spouses Is Actually Extremely Useful for Enterprise BYOD »

TigerText doesn’t count down when your text messages will disappear, Mission Impossible-style. Nor, thankfully, does it blow up your smartphone. But in every other way, this 2-year-old app can make your text messages go Ghost Protocol nearly any way you want them to.

SAPPHIRENOW: 5 Steps SAP is Taking to Build Its Mobile Developer Ecosystem »

Here are a handful of partnerships, launches and momentum updates that show SAP’s seriousness about building a vibrant mobile ecosystem.

Four Ways that SAP is Embracing SoCloMo (Social, Cloud and Mobile) »

The world needs another piece of tech jargon like I need a hole in my head.

Is Your Company Savvy (or Stupid) About Mobile? [Quiz, Humor] »

Take this 100% un-serious quiz, excerpted from the Mobility Manifesto e-book, to see if your company is driving down Mobilization Road – or flying into the Danger Zone. 1. Do you have a smartphone or a tablet for work? Yes, a smartphone. (+5) Yes, a tablet. (+5) Yes, both. (+10) No, neither. (+1) 2. If […]

$240,000 A Year For An SAP Mobile Architect? Yep, Sounds ‘Bout Right »

Are laid-off investment bankers taking programming classes? They should be, now that salaries for enterprise mobile developers and architects are matching and exceeding Wall Street pay scales.

Should You Become an SAP Mobile Developer? The One Reason That Matters »

Now I know what working at Apple must feel like.

Drowning in the Sea of Choices in Enterprise Mobility? Here’s a Lifeline »

The enterprise mobility market is young and growing fast. The upside? An excitingly huge selection of mobile device management software, mobile enterprise app platforms and enterprise apps. The downside? Many won’t be around in 5 years.

Does IBM Have the Largest Apple Deployment in the World? »

Big Blue has 30,000 employees sporting iPhones, 10,000 toting iPads, and another 10,000 workers carrying MacBooks, according to a presentation last week at Macworld iWorld.