Real-Time Is The Wrong Reason For Your Enterprise To Go Mobile »

love buffet

First, it was the Scandinavian-style Smorgasbord. Later, it was Old Country Buffet.

What Happens to Syclo After Its Acquisition By SAP? »

syclo phase 2 migration

If your company suddenly had two products that owned highly-coveted Leader rankings in the same Gartner Magic Quadrant, would you kill one of them? Or would you celebrate your good fortune by trying to accommodate and integrate the two?

Is This The Most Boring Branch Of Enterprise Mobility? »

Ask a man on the street what the mobile enterprise means to them, and you’ll probably get one of two replies: 1) “Mobile wha?” 2) “BYOD.” Why BYOD? Well, Bring Your Own Device is the one thing that potentially touches all of us workers, not just IT folks and developers. No wonder BYOD’s gone totally […]

Afraid That Training Mobile Workers Is Too Difficult? Not For These 80-Year-Old+ Computer Novices »

The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is the branch of the US Department of Agriculture that generates statistical gems such as: farmers this year have planted nearly 100 million acres of corn this year – the most in the last 75 years.

Google Copies Microsoft, Not Apple, To Fix Android Fragmentation »

This is smart, and long overdue. Google said today that it will begin releasing an Android Platform Development Kit (PDK).

The Latest, Biggest, Baddest iPad Deployments »

You’d think that after 2.5 years of large-scale iPad rollouts, that it wouldn’t be newsworthy anymore.

Chart: Enterprises that are Deploying Android Smartphones & Tablets »

(Updated June 18, 2012) Without question, more enterprises are rolling out iPads and iPhones than their Android counterparts today. But there’s finally some large-scale Android deployments to talk about.

Samsung’s Pincer Movement Android Strategy to Winning the Mobile Enterprise »

While iPhones dominate the post-BlackBerry era of enterprise smartphones, analysts such as IDC expect Android to catch up by next year.

WWDC: Five Key Features iOS 6 Will Deliver to Enterprises »

Without a new iPhone 5, iOS 6 became the mobile star of Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference keynote today.

Forget B2B or B2C. Mobile is Making it All About B2P »

In last year’s Mobility Manifesto, I called for workers to rise up and demand that their bosses empower them with the mobile devices and apps that would make them more productive and happier at work.