American Airlines Now Up To 23,000 Samsung Galaxy Tablets »

Galaxy_Note_AA Press Release

American Airlines is rolling out 17,000 Samsung Galaxy Note mini tablets (or phablets, if you must) to its flight attendants to improve and personalize its customer service.

How Did SAP’s CIO Spend His Summer Vacation? »

sunny beach

Summer is not when CIOs usually start or ramp up major projects. Not so for SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann.

Nine Steps You Can Take To Help Prevent ‘Apple Picking’ [iPhone, iPad Robberies] »

Thefts and robberies of mobile devices have become increasingly common and violent. How can you deter or mitigate them?

Apple’s iPhone Sales Were Weak Because The Chinese And Big Businesses Love It [Huh?] »

You’ll get no shortage of half-baked theories here at UberMobile. Here’s one where I argue that Chinese consumers and global enterprises are to blame for the blip in iPhone sales, but maybe not in the way you expect. Let’s keep a little perspective. Apple still sold 26 million iPhones in its fiscal Q3, up 28% [...]

Samsung’s Pincer Movement Android Strategy to Winning the Mobile Enterprise »

While iPhones dominate the post-BlackBerry era of enterprise smartphones, analysts such as IDC expect Android to catch up by next year.

Chart: 260 Enterprises Have Deployed Samsung’s Android Tablets or Smartphones »

Building my list of large-scale Android device deployments has been much harder than building my iPad one.(View my Android list here, my iPad top 50 deployments here, and my overall iPad list here.)