This Is The Biggest Competitor To The iPad In The Hot Education Market »

kuno1 school

CurriculumLoft is the maker of the Kuno, perhaps the most successful Android challenger to date against the iPad in K-12 schools.

American Airlines Now Up To 23,000 Samsung Galaxy Tablets »

Galaxy_Note_AA Press Release

American Airlines is rolling out 17,000 Samsung Galaxy Note mini tablets (or phablets, if you must) to its flight attendants to improve and personalize its customer service.

India’s Aakash-2: iPad Guts In A Miraculous US$21 Android Tablet »

Inexpensive homegrown tablets – think between US$60 and $200 – abound in India, where the per-capita income, despite the fast-rising economy, remains US$3,700 per year. But the uncrowned king of inexpensive, Indian-made tablets is the Aakash tablet. I say uncrowned because the student-designed, government-subsidized Aakash has yet to hit the market. And for awhile this year, […]

What Happens to Syclo After Its Acquisition By SAP? »

syclo phase 2 migration

If your company suddenly had two products that owned highly-coveted Leader rankings in the same Gartner Magic Quadrant, would you kill one of them? Or would you celebrate your good fortune by trying to accommodate and integrate the two?

The iPad Mini-The iPad Enterprises Have Been Waiting For »

Bigger ain’t always better. Ask anyone who’s watched the world’s greatest soccer player, the 5’7″ Lionel Messi. Or anyone who’s just snarfed down a Supersized meal and now regretting it.

For Your Mobile Enterprise, Build a Genius Bar, NOT A Help Desk »

Everyone’s suffered through an unpleasant encounter with a member of your company’s technical help desk. Some young, would-be Alpha Geek who sarcastically overwhelms you with jargon while he – and it’s always a he – condescends to fix your laptop or printer. I think Jimmy Fallon nailed it in the late 1990s with his “Nick […]

Google Copies Microsoft, Not Apple, To Fix Android Fragmentation »

This is smart, and long overdue. Google said today that it will begin releasing an Android Platform Development Kit (PDK).

How This School District Turned its Students’ Love of Mobile into Better Learning, Test Scores »

Teenagers. They may forget your request to mow the lawn, fill up the gas and clean their rooms, but they’ll never fail to bring their smartphone or tablet when they go out of the house.

Will the Microsoft Surface Tablet Fly like XBox, or Flop like Zune? »

Microsoft’s Surface Tablets won’t join the Zune in the Redmond Hardware Deadpool anytime soon for the simple reason that won’t be released until the kids are already back in school.

Samsung’s Pincer Movement Android Strategy to Winning the Mobile Enterprise »

While iPhones dominate the post-BlackBerry era of enterprise smartphones, analysts such as IDC expect Android to catch up by next year.