Real-Time Is The Wrong Reason For Your Enterprise To Go Mobile »

love buffet

First, it was the Scandinavian-style Smorgasbord. Later, it was Old Country Buffet.

India’s Aakash-2: iPad Guts In A Miraculous US$21 Android Tablet »

Inexpensive homegrown tablets – think between US$60 and $200 – abound in India, where the per-capita income, despite the fast-rising economy, remains US$3,700 per year. But the uncrowned king of inexpensive, Indian-made tablets is the Aakash tablet. I say uncrowned because the student-designed, government-subsidized Aakash has yet to hit the market. And for awhile this year, […]

Apple’s iPhone Sales Were Weak Because The Chinese And Big Businesses Love It [Huh?] »

You’ll get no shortage of half-baked theories here at UberMobile. Here’s one where I argue that Chinese consumers and global enterprises are to blame for the blip in iPhone sales, but maybe not in the way you expect. Let’s keep a little perspective. Apple still sold 26 million iPhones in its fiscal Q3, up 28% […]

Afraid That Training Mobile Workers Is Too Difficult? Not For These 80-Year-Old+ Computer Novices »

The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is the branch of the US Department of Agriculture that generates statistical gems such as: farmers this year have planted nearly 100 million acres of corn this year – the most in the last 75 years.

How Does the Pentagon Deploy iPads? Very, Very Carefully [Macworld] »

Macworld iWorld wasn’t just about exhibit halls full of cute, bizarre accessories for iPads and iPhones. There was an enterprise track called MacIT, during which I heard a fascinating talk by Justin Rummel, a senior project manager at Qivliq Commercial Group, on Thursday. Some of Rummel’s Dilbert-like anecdotes will be familiar to anyone who has worked in […]