How Brick-And-Mortar Retailers Can Beat ‘Showrooming’ And »

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Traditional retailing, at least in the U.S., is in a funk. Of the 100 largest U.S.-based retailers according to STORES magazine, only 17 are growing in the double digits. Fast risers are either growing overseas or are in hot categories like mobile phones (Verizon Wireless and AT&T) or discount goods (Dollar General).

How Quickly Can Enterprises Deploy iPhone 5 And iOS 6? »

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How long did it take for your company to upgrade to Windows 7 after it became available in July 2009? Months? Years? Still hasn’t happened?

The Five Things From Apple’s iPhone 5 Launch That CIOs Will Care About »

There was a ton of news from Apple’s event today, many of which may have sounded earthshattering to those nattering away on Twitter (raises hand), but upon more reflection, are probably irrelevant to those of us in the enterprise and business worlds.

Apple’s iPhone Sales Were Weak Because The Chinese And Big Businesses Love It [Huh?] »

You’ll get no shortage of half-baked theories here at UberMobile. Here’s one where I argue that Chinese consumers and global enterprises are to blame for the blip in iPhone sales, but maybe not in the way you expect. Let’s keep a little perspective. Apple still sold 26 million iPhones in its fiscal Q3, up 28% [...]

The iPad Mini-The iPad Enterprises Have Been Waiting For »

Bigger ain’t always better. Ask anyone who’s watched the world’s greatest soccer player, the 5’7″ Lionel Messi. Or anyone who’s just snarfed down a Supersized meal and now regretting it.

Samsung’s Pincer Movement Android Strategy to Winning the Mobile Enterprise »

While iPhones dominate the post-BlackBerry era of enterprise smartphones, analysts such as IDC expect Android to catch up by next year.

Thinking of a Prepaid iPhone? Here’s a Moneysaving Trick For You Enterprise Workers »

Spending money to save money may sound like a retail gimmick, like BOGO. But if you work for a medium to large-sized company that is embracing mobile, than there may be a way for you to save hundreds of dollars a year on your phone bill. I know because I am. Or to be precise, my [...]

What Enterprises Should Take Away from IDC’s Latest Smartphone OS Forecast »

It would seem foolhardy and stupid to try and guess the final league standings for a sports season four years from now (though the continued embrace of Big Data-based predictive analytics by pro sports teams may change that someday).

App for Cheating Spouses Is Actually Extremely Useful for Enterprise BYOD »

TigerText doesn’t count down when your text messages will disappear, Mission Impossible-style. Nor, thankfully, does it blow up your smartphone. But in every other way, this 2-year-old app can make your text messages go Ghost Protocol nearly any way you want them to.

BYOD + Field Service App = Major ROI for Mortgage Services Firm »

Cleveland-based Safeguard Properties inspects and maintains more than a million foreclosed homes per month across the United States. It does so on behalf of their owners, primarily large banks and government agencies like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The huge number of foreclosures, as well as the slim margins in the inspection business, forces Safeguard [...]