CIO On Windows 8 Tablets: “Best Solution Currently Available” »


My blog last week, “University Deploying Thousands of Windows 8 Tablets Is Smart Tactics, Flawed Strategy,” generated quite a bit of reader reaction. I’m actually quite excited about what Windows 8 will deliver. But I felt that Seton Hall’s plan to standardize completely on Windows 8 tablets and ultrabooks (initially all from Samsung) and effectively ban Apple […]

University Deploying Thousands of Windows 8 Tablets Is Smart Tactics, Flawed Strategy »

(August 15, 2012: Seton Hall’s CIO counters my argument. Read his letter here.) Twenty miles from Manhattan, New Jersey’s Seton Hall University is offering about 2,500 students, including all incoming freshmen and junior students, the choice of either a Samsung Series 7 tablet or Samsung Series 5 ultrabook running Windows 8 Release Preview version, as well as Nokia […]

Google Copies Microsoft, Not Apple, To Fix Android Fragmentation »

This is smart, and long overdue. Google said today that it will begin releasing an Android Platform Development Kit (PDK).

Will the Microsoft Surface Tablet Fly like XBox, or Flop like Zune? »

Microsoft’s Surface Tablets won’t join the Zune in the Redmond Hardware Deadpool anytime soon for the simple reason that won’t be released until the kids are already back in school.

The Average Mobile Worker Now Carries 3.5 Devices. What % Are Secured? »

It’s hard to impress me with statistics and factoids. I’m inundated by them all day, every day. But these new findings, courtesy of iPass’s latest Mobile Workforce Report, blew me away:

Amazing Stats from Apple Q3 Earnings Prove Again We’re In A Post-PC Era »

Apple’s stock price could bounce around anywhere between $300 and $1,000 over the next several weeks. I really have no idea. What I am certain, though, is that Apple’s Q3 earnings results announced Wednesday show Cupertino again blazing the trail into the mobile era.

Four Enterprise Implications of the New iPad »

When the iPad 2 was announced, I wrote that Apple’s tablet would continue its enterprise invasion despite the dearth of overtly business-focused features. The same goes for the new iPad, or what I like to call in homage to Pulp Fiction, ‘Le iPad Nouveau.’

Does IBM Have the Largest Apple Deployment in the World? »

Big Blue has 30,000 employees sporting iPhones, 10,000 toting iPads, and another 10,000 workers carrying MacBooks, according to a presentation last week at Macworld iWorld.

One Enterprise CIO’s View of CES »

  Image via Wikipedia Coming mere days after Christmas, the International Consumer Electronics Show is like a second holiday to most techies. That is, except those techies in enterprise IT. For them, sexy consumer devices have traditionally been either an annoyance, creating discontent among workers grumbling why they cannot get a similar piece of gear […]

Is a Windows 8 Ultrabook a Mobile Device? Yes, I Think It Is. »

If you’re the type who refers to the Oxford English Dictionary during simple Scrabble games, you and I might not see eye to eye on whether or not to call an UltraBook PC a mobile device.