Analyst: Android has 35% of U.S. tablet market, will overtake iPad [Chart] »

That startling statistic and prediction comes courtesy of Javelin Strategy & Research of Pleasanton, California. A boutique research firm known for its bank technology coverage, Javelin published a paid report today on tablets and their impact on mobile consumer banking. I was able to read the report and interview the primary author, Javelin research director [...]

Three Ways Your Company Can Extend the Lifespan of its Mobile Devices »

Kyle Wiens is the co-founder and CEO of iFixit, whose Web site you might have visited to read its funny and geekily-detailed teardowns of new gadgets, to download instructions for self-repairing that iPhone you dropped into the toilet, I mean, bathtub, or to buy screens and screwdrivers for the aforementioned repairs.

Four Keys for RIM to Execute a PlayBook-led Turnaround »

What a difference a device makes.

Why this $90 Billion British Insurer is High on BlackBerry PlayBooks »

The dream of the Paperless Office progresses slowly. But in one front in the War Against Dead Trees, a British insurance firm hopes to make leaps and bounds by using BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.

Updated: Why this Well-Known Biotech Firm Deploys 17,000 iPads and iPhones »

(Updated and corrected Jan 18, 2012) There were some impressive enterprise deployments discussed at the AppNation conference in San Francisco on Thursday.

How Ford Motor Deployed Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) »

Mobile Years are like Dog Years: highly accelerated. Case in point: when Ford Motor Company started thinking about Bring Your Own Device back in May 2007, it figured that demand for laptops would outstrip that for smartphones or tablets. And the mobile devices that workers picked would run Windows Mobile, Nokia’s Symbian operating system and [...]

Razors and Blades: Nothing Wrong with the $199 BlackBerry PlayBook »

I don’t think you can compare HP’s $99 TouchPads with RIM’s $199 PlayBooks. The former was a fire sale by a company exiting the (non-Windows) tablet business. RIM, on the other hand, is showing its firm resolve to stay in the tablet game.

How Angry Birds Boosts the ROI of Enterprise Mobility (and Spells the Doom of Ruggedized Devices) »

Games: a destroyer of productivity, an enabler for procrastinating employees, right? Not always. In fact, letting – nay, encouraging – your workers to install and play games like Angry Birds can actually boost your mobile deployment’s ROI.