Is This The Most Boring Branch Of Enterprise Mobility? »

Ask a man on the street what the mobile enterprise means to them, and you’ll probably get one of two replies: 1) “Mobile wha?” 2) “BYOD.” Why BYOD? Well, Bring Your Own Device is the one thing that potentially touches all of us workers, not just IT folks and developers. No wonder BYOD’s gone totally [...]

BYOD + Field Service App = Major ROI for Mortgage Services Firm »

Cleveland-based Safeguard Properties inspects and maintains more than a million foreclosed homes per month across the United States. It does so on behalf of their owners, primarily large banks and government agencies like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The huge number of foreclosures, as well as the slim margins in the inspection business, forces Safeguard [...]

Is it Time to Occupy CIO? »

When the IT boss won’t invest in tools that empower workers and boost their productivity, is it time to raise your voice?

Six Major Annoyances about Deploying Enterprise Mobility »

None of the following problems should be showstoppers for your corporate mobile deployment.

The Forgotten Key to Successful Enterprise Mobility Deployments is… »

…is a complete no-brainer. Yet, so often and easily-ignored by the IT team.