American Airlines Now Up To 23,000 Samsung Galaxy Tablets »

Galaxy_Note_AA Press Release

American Airlines is rolling out 17,000 Samsung Galaxy Note mini tablets (or phablets, if you must) to its flight attendants to improve and personalize its customer service.

Chart: Enterprises that are Deploying Android Smartphones & Tablets »

(Updated June 18, 2012)¬†Without question, more enterprises are rolling out iPads and iPhones than their Android counterparts today. But there’s finally some large-scale Android deployments to talk about.

Samsung’s Pincer Movement Android Strategy to Winning the Mobile Enterprise »

While iPhones dominate the post-BlackBerry era of enterprise smartphones, analysts such as IDC expect Android to catch up by next year.

How Healthcare’s Embrace of Mobility has Turned Dangerous »

No industry has adopted mobility faster than healthcare.