How SAP Innovates: Mashups, Big Data And Stanford Students »

When it came to letting students choose a major, my college put the liberal in liberal arts.

Facebook IPO Filing Shows It’s Still Not Fully Operating in the Mobile Era »

Slightly more than half of Facebook Inc.’s monthly users, or 425 million, access the social networking site today from tablet or smartphone. That’s impressive, but then you find out later in Facebook’s IPO filing that it gets absolutely zero of its $3.7 billion revenue from mobile.

Why I Have Faith in Ice Cream Sandwich Overcoming Android’s Fundamental Lagginess »

The Blue Screen of Death still casts a negative halo around Windows despite basically disappearing from PCs a decade ago, after Windows XP arrived. Similarly, I wonder if Android will be unfairly dogged by a reputation for a sluggish user interface for years even if version 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ effectively solves this nagging rendering […]